One of the major criticisms of higher education today is that it costs too much and delivers too little. Student debt is rising as colleges struggle to demonstrate a return on investment. Too often students are graduating from colleges with a degree or major that is clearly not in alignment with how they are uniquely wired. The ramification of this misalignment is increased student debt and student dissatisfaction with their chosen major and career path.
Innate AdvisorTM was created to help high school and colleges students understand how they’re innately wired, what makes them unique, what are their learning styles, best learning environments, and challenges they will experience through life. With this foundation of understand, Innate AdvisorTM can help school advisors guide students through the process of aligning who they innately are with the major and career path they were meant to pursue.


Innate AdvisorTM uses the Core Values Index (CVI) assessment, the most reliable tool ever created for understanding your true self. It quantifies and characterizes what Abraham Maslow called the innate nature of the individual in order to discover where a person can make their best contribution to the world.

and Validation

The CVI has the highest retest reliability (repeat-score similarity) of any instrument in the industry at over 97%. A recent 3rd party research study determined that people taking the CVI multiple times (Retest from 1 – 10 years apart) shows an astonishing 97.7% repeat-score reliability.
This compares to other well known collegiate assessment tools whose retest reliability are typically in the mid-70%’s when measured in the first 90 days, and tends to drop off after that after a year or more. If you take the CVI today, your score will be nearly the same 10 or 20 years later.
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Career and
Degree Matching

For more than 15 years, hundreds of companies have used the CVI to develop profiles for over a thousand careers. Based on a student's assessment, Innate AdvisorTM can guide them towards careers where similarly wired workers are engaged, successful, and fulfilled. In addition, it can help you improve career outcomes
and increase student retention. We've also leveraged this career profiling research to create a comprehensive tool where you can not only find the right career, but you can determine earnings potential, watch videos to learn about occupations, and match the college degrees that support your chosen profession.